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Take the target customer group as the first element, and determine the style of the brand, ready-made clothing for large-scale production, elements will also follow the fashion trend, in order to obtain the maximum commercial benefits. The nature of the brand and the setting of the customer group determine that the commercial brand will be divided into wear occasions, the state of life and other sub-series style.

that difficult. Beautiful cloth es are always tailor-made, coupled with

3. Anti-freezing type: prevent external low temperature from affecting the working temperature of the insulation department. Mainly used for anti-freezing and technology of pump body, equipment, instruments and instruments, the materials used and the form of Venice valve steam pipe insulation sleeve (clothing) are determined according to the requirements of the site.

The total exhibition area of previous exhibitions is 50000m2, which is attended by exhibitors from 18 countries and regions. Among them, 69% are domestic exhibitors and 31% are overseas exhibitors. The booth is arranged according to the categories of popular textile fabric accessories, popular yarn, clothing labeling / original design, clothing accessories, sewing equipment, digital printing and so on. The achievements of previous exhibitions have proved that the enterprises that have participated in the noodle and auxiliary materials exhibition for a long time are very enthusiastic, and all kinds of new textile and clothing enterprises are also holding a growth trend, especially this year, some new and excellent enterprises have brought newly promoted products to the exhibition, and several domestic characteristic industrial bases have also participated in the exhibition in the form of exhibition groups.

that difficult. Beautiful cloth es are always tailor-made, coupled with

The soul of clothing lies in design, and now it lies in digital design. The so-called digital design, that is, the use of computers as a tool to assist clothing designers in the creative design of clothing art and culture, sometimes also known as style design. The design is a creative process of the overall modeling of clothing, which requires the creativity to meet certain theme requirements, and in line with the current trend of color, fabric, style and collocation.

All right, this is the introduction of the tight skirt that Vivian brought to you. In fact, matching them is not that difficult. Beautiful clothes are always tailor-made, coupled with some fashion trends and details, it is difficult to wear a graceful and charming figure!

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