the eye-catching dashboard, luggage compartment partition or seat, which

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Especially in some high-end cars and concept cars, natural hemp fiber composites have been used instead of chemical fiber composites such as glass fiber and other chemical fiber composites, such as car interior door panels, miscellaneous boxes, truck floor, spare tire cover, seat backrest, dashboard, seat armrest, roof interior decoration, sunshade panel, luggage compartment decoration board and so on.

the eye-catching dashboard, luggage compartment partition or seat, which

Many car owners are used to putting some valuables in their cars, and many people think that they can avoid the eyes of thieves by putting them in “remote” compartments or seats, but they suffer heavy losses. More Magdaha car owners will leave important items on the eye-catching dashboard, luggage compartment partition or seat, which is more eye-catching and more likely to be stolen. In fact, not only the car that is used as a safe by car owners is not safe, but even this “safe” may be difficult to protect itself. car owners must not be careless in preventing vehicle theft.

Diagnosis and maintenance: turn on the ignition switch, start the vehicle, and the engine starts smoothly. Using the diagnostic instrument to detect the vehicle electronic control system, it is found that many control modules do not receive the CAN information of the electronic ignition switch control module (N73). These control modules include front SAM control module, rear SAM control module, left hernia headlight control module, ceiling control module, upper panel control module, central panel control module, left convertible seat belt tensioner, right convertible seat belt tensioner, vehicle power grid control module, instrument panel, steering column control module, parking positioning control module, left front door control module, right front door control module, Left rear door control module, right rear door control module, luggage compartment cover control module, left front seat control module, right front seat control module, rear seat control module, automatic air conditioning control module, rear air conditioning control module and so on.

Each family is an indispensable and important part of the family, in the endless spring season, take the whole family outing, naturally can not be left behind. Qichen D60PLUS is comparable to the spacious space of B-class cars, allowing families to enjoy a comfortable driving experience. The large storage space in the luggage compartment, whether it is a fishing photography tour or a picnic barbecue family tour, can hold the equipment and luggage needed for the family trip. The configuration of high-quality breathable leather seats virtually increases the comfort of driving, allowing you and your family to enjoy the spring light on the journey away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Water transfer printing technology is a printing method in which the transfer paper / plastic film with color pattern is hydrolyzed by water pressure, and then the pattern is paved out by the flow of water, and then transferred to the product. And pressure is the second most important factor, if the pressure is too much, it will lead to deformation, so it is also important to control the pressure. Water transfer printing is used in a wide range of applications, including well-known T-shirt patterns, luggage decorations, calendar shelves, rackets, sofas, coffee tables, cabinets, chandeliers, electronic products (such as mice, notebooks, telephones, remote controls) and car interior accessories such as dashboards, handrails, control panels and so on.

the eye-catching dashboard, luggage compartment partition or seat, which

Not only that, the atmosphere lamp system of Tanyue X realizes the coverage of dozens of parts of interior decoration and exterior decoration. In terms of interior decoration, it uses up to 24 atmosphere lights, and users can adjust the brightness of interior atmosphere lights in dashboards, doors and other places through the MIB system. Among them, the dashboard and door trim atmosphere lamp 10 colors can be adjusted, according to different driving modes can automatically switch colors, and provide manual selection and closing function, the car atmosphere to create a free switch according to your mood. The instrument panel atmosphere lamp adopts horizontal curve design, which is full of flexible charm and full of sense of science and technology. Exterior decoration, including exterior rearview mirror floor lamp, side sign, door handle, roof luggage rack and so on are all equipped with atmosphere lamp system, which not only shows the grade, but also has a higher degree of recognition. Among them, the effect of lighting the roof luggage rack lights at night highlights the Coupe shape of Tanyue X, which has its own sense of ritual for travel, parking, getting on and off.

such as automobile ceiling, carpet, seat, side circumference, door panel, luggage interior parts, bottom guard panel and automobile instrument panel, etc.

Haining Leather City, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province is a wholly-owned chain market built by Haining China Leather City in Northeast China, with a total construction area of about 320000 square meters. There are more than 700 market operators, introducing many well-known fur clothing, leather clothing, leather luggage brands at home and abroad, which are oriented to Northeast Asia. a collection and distribution center of leather products integrating shopping and leisure, cultural tourism, creative research and development, border trade and fashion trends. At the same time, it is also the most dynamic new highland of tourism and shopping and the gathering area of modern service industry in Harbin.

In terms of interior decoration, ID.LIFE is a reliable partner for all kinds of digital experiences. For example, it can be converted into a cinema or game room in a very short time. The car is equipped with a game console and a projector, and the projection screen can be expanded from the dashboard when needed. In addition, other devices can be connected to the vehicle 230 V / 16 A power supply as needed. The conceptual design of the seat is also very flexible, which proves once again that the car can become a partner for all scenarios and lifestyles. The backs of both front and rear seats can be fully folded to achieve more layout possibilities: from cinema seats to nearly two-meter-long queen beds to freight versions that maximize the volume of the luggage compartment.

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