Fruit fresh-keeping cold storage size: according to customer demand,

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The directly buried thermal insulation steel pipe for heating is suitable for thermal insulation projects with various media in the range of-50 ℃-150 ℃. It is widely used in urban central heating, heating room, cold storage, coal mine, petroleum port, chemical industry and other industries. Due to the advantages of the natural environment in northern China, urban heating has become a social hot issue that residents are generally concerned about in winter, so ensuring heating is a social focus issue that both the government and residents pay close attention to. In order to ensure the heating effectively, we need to make efforts from the construction, ensure the quality of the heating pipe from the construction quality, and adopt the appropriate construction plan and construction process to improve the heating efficiency. In the later maintenance process of the heating pipe, we should also do a good job in the maintenance and repair of the heating pipe in time to ensure the heating demand of residents in winter.

Thoroughly touch and arrange the material storage, focusing on anti-freezing, heat preservation, anti-skid, snow clearing, leakage, accident rescue equipment, facilities, materials and other material reserves to ensure normal use. Do a good job in the supply and reserve of diesel oil and coal for winter in advance to ensure the normal operation of production and life after the beginning of winter.

Fruit fresh-keeping cold storage size: according to customer demand,

The filling wall material is also suitable for boiler lining, hot blast furnace lining, drying room, baking duct, flue, heating ventilation duct, cold storage and other places and parts that require high fire prevention, such as fire insulation, thermal insulation and insulation materials. 4, polyurethane foam layer: ensure the medium temperature, ensure that the surface of the outer pipe is kept at room temperature, layer: working steel pipe layer test results.

After rapid freezing, the quality of fresh and stored fruits and vegetables was greatly improved. Fruit fresh-keeping cold storage size: according to customer demand, cold storage temperature: air-cooled, 0-10 degrees suitable for fruits, vegetables, tea, flowers, milk, cooked food and other fresh-keeping cold storage. Cold storage configuration: 1. Thermal insulation plate: six-door polyhedral polyurethane 100mm double-sided color steel plate; 2. Refrigeration system: refrigeration unit + chiller + expansion valve + temperature display control box; 3. Our professional and skilled chemicals are used to wrap fruits and vegetables in paper. When packing a fruit with a handle, you should pay special attention not to press the handle on the surrounding fruit body, so as not to break the peel of other fruits. In the whole process of selection and arrangement, special attention should be paid to handling it gently to prevent fruit body injury caused by careless work. 2. Further cooling should be taken after the fruits and vegetables are stored. After harvest, the fruits and vegetables should be cooled in time in the raw material producing area to dissipate the internal heat of the fruits and vegetables. Refrigerated car

Fruit fresh-keeping cold storage size: according to customer demand,

One cup for each child in the class, after leaving the school every day, wash the water cup and put it into the disinfection cabinet for disinfection and storage; at the same time, it is equipped with one powder, one green and two sets of hand-wiping towels, which are washed every day and hung to dry after soaking in disinfectant. Water cups and towels are equipped with fixed numbers, dedicated to prevent crossing, safe and hygienic; plates, bowls, spoons and lunchtime plates are cleaned and put into disinfection cabinets after each use. The strict eliminate virus process protects the health of young children.

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