wet hands, wet towel s and other wet items. When

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In terms of traffic safety, when crossing the road, we should abide by the traffic rules of “stop, second look, and third pass”. When crossing the road, you have to take the sidewalk and pay attention to the changes in signals. Do not take overloaded or illegal vehicles when traveling, and supervise your parents to abide by the traffic rules. In terms of diet, we do not eat “three free foods” and wash our hands before and after meals. In terms of electricity, there is no need to wipe light bulbs or appliances with wet hands, wet towels and other wet items. When you leave home, unplug the outlet. Summer is coming, students like to go swimming, swimming, to have adults to accompany but also to do a good protective measures.

Girls usually wipe their faces with towels in circles, which will cause more skin problems. First, the towel is easy to breed bacteria, will produce acne and other problems; the second is to wipe in a circle, vigorously rub the face, easy to produce wrinkles, cause allergies and other problems. Therefore, the correct way to wipe the face is to gently press the face with a towel to absorb excess moisture.

The second is to wipe your face with a wet towel after washing your face. Everyone will have their own towel, but this towel is usually put in the bathroom. Because the place is relatively humid, there will be a lot of bacteria on the towel. If you wash your face with this towel, it will make our skin more and more sensitive, so it is very bad for the skin.

wet hands, wet towel s and other wet items. When

Pay attention to hygiene and epidemic prevention and control knowledge, prevent respiratory and other infectious diseases, do a good job of personal protection according to requirements, maintain public health and safety; pay attention to personal cleanliness, wash hands and bathing frequently, cut nails frequently, change clothes frequently, do not share towels, cups and other sanitary ware, do not rub eyes with hands at will; keep the room clean and dry, ventilate regularly, and put garbage into different categories. Do not eat “three nothing” food, do not eat unwashed food, do not drink unboiled water; eat less high-salt, high-sugar, fried, smoked food; choose safe sports, adhere to appropriate physical exercise, and maintain good and abundant energy.

1. The daily necessities that students need to bring: towels, rags, slippers, toothbrushing supplies, shampoo, water cups, a small amount of change of clothes, etc.; the infirmary does not prepare any medicine, students according to their own actual needs, prepare the corresponding routine medicine (especially for children with special physique, be sure to prepare medicines for their own physique); students are advised to carry backpacks and do not carry suitcases.

First, pay attention to improving the ability of education and teaching, do not like to use kindergarten cups and towels, reward and punish the poor. Comfort, joint efforts, do not take the initiative to say hello to others, the corridor, only do a good job of parents, let them feel the love of teachers, we hope that through teaching and research can train multi-skilled teachers,

wet hands, wet towel s and other wet items. When

“after using more than 200 towels in one department of our hospital, all the rags and mops in each department will be washed away, soaked and disinfected first, then cleaned, and finally dried and distributed to the cleaning staff to reduce their chances of making mistakes.” Zhao Danyang said, “I went to some grass-roots hospitals and found that there were only five towels in one of their departments, which was too small.” You should know that used or contaminated cleaning tools should not be used in the next patient area without effective reuse. ”

For example: the necessary wet paper towels, toilet paper, towels, water cups, etc., for children who are still using diapers, but also remember to bring diapers. Especially when a person takes a child out, we need to be vigilant to prevent the child from having an accident.

Although the texture of pure cotton tulle is similar to that of gauze, it has better warmth because of more fine weaving, so it can be safely used even in the cold days such as early spring and late autumn. In addition, when the baby grows up and no longer needs to use baby towels, cotton models can also be directly used as bath towels, towels or sheets.

wet hands, wet towel s and other wet items. When

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