be used in door panels, dashboard frame s and other automotive

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The appearance of this crossover version of the Sienta is indeed much better than the average version, with non-skid side skirts and door panels on the front and sides, coupled with a sports roof frame, it looks really domineering. In the rear part of the car has a sports tail and scratch-proof strip, and because the body background is white, so the black decoration does add a lot of points to the appearance. As far as interior decoration is concerned, the multimedia system of this version only supports USB flash drive, broadcast and Bluetooth connection functions. It is measured that the sound can be played after connecting with the Bluetooth phone, but there is no image projection. Although this is due to the requirement of security, it is still a flaw for me. On the steering wheel, there is only a MID button that supports dashboard control, but no volume control button. This is a small pity for me, who is used to using the steering wheel stereo control keys.

The newly developed polyolefin foaming material in Suzhou Runjia is divided into talc powder filling and glass fiber filling; with the high appearance foaming agent developed by Runjia, it can be used in door panels, dashboard frames and other automotive parts. This series of products using traditional injection molding can achieve a weight reduction of 5%, 8%, without adding new equipment and changing the existing mold, while achieving a year-on-year reduction in cost; using open-mold foaming process, the comprehensive weight loss is 30%.

be used in door panels, dashboard frame s and other automotive

“at present, the enterprise undertakes the production and development of composite materials for the front section of the C919 rear fuselage, the rear section, the vertical tail truss and the aileron, accounting for more than 40% of all composite parts of the body structure.” Li Yuqin said that not only that, enterprises actively develop other areas of composite products, such as new energy vehicle suitcase cover, cylinder bracket, integrated framework, etc., but also based on aerospace high thermal conductivity phase change materials, warm fabrics, to achieve a wide range of applications in the field of consumer goods.

1 the wall thickness of the compensator pipe is too thin, the original design thickness only considers the factors of the cut-off high temperature and pressure in the pipe, but does not fully consider the influence of the local stress of the pipe at the welded pipe frame. 2 the number of riser guide frames is too small, which is easy to cause pipe instability and offset. 3 the axial compression compensation of the expansion joint is too large, on the one hand, it will increase the thrust of the fixed bracket, on the other hand, it will cause heavy working load of the expansion joint. The bellows are deformed too much. After ushering in the heavy snow, the staff of the first group of Zhangjiachuan Station cleaned the snow on the station, wiped the snow on the pipelines and meters, and prevented the equipment and instruments from being “frozen”. During the period of heavy snow, the attendants will strengthen the parameter control system and line inspection, carry out carpet inspection on thermal insulation equipment, instruments and other important equipment, strengthen the intensity and frequency of inspection, and strictly prohibit casual inspection.

be used in door panels, dashboard frame s and other automotive

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