water, wipe the furniture with wet towel s and mop the

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Comrade Li Chao served as the group leader, teacher Chen Yu as the group member, and promptly sent the relevant epidemic prevention and control knowledge to students and parents through Wechat, text messages and QQ groups. Guide students and parents to do a good job in prevention and control at home, do not go to crowded places for activities, and enhance their awareness of self-protection, so as to achieve “four diligence”, “four noes” and “one report”. That is, wash hands and face frequently, ventilate frequently, dry clothes and quilts frequently, exercise frequently; stay away from the crowded and airtight environment, do not spit anywhere, do not eat unclean food, do not share towels, and do not reach the market activities of slaughtering live birds (animals). Those suspected of infectious diseases are reported immediately, and if there is any discomfort, see a doctor in time.

water, wipe the furniture with wet towel s and mop the

Suggestion: the water absorption of a special dry hair towel is much better than that of ordinary towels, and it can greatly reduce the warping of hair scales. It absorbs only the water on the surface of the hair, while the closed scales protect the moisture and nutrients in the inner layer of the hair.

two。 How to remove formaldehyde from curtains, four-piece sets and cloth products at home? be sure to wash it several times before use, make use of the water-soluble characteristics of formaldehyde, neutralize it with water, wipe the furniture with wet towels and mop the floor frequently. If possible, you can prepare a large humidifier to increase the humidity of indoor air

About three hours after the patient tested positive, the researchers sampled door handles, light switches, faucet handles, thermometers, TV remote controls, pillowcases, duvet covers, sheets, towels, bathroom door handles and toilets in two hotel rooms and one empty room. The hotel is closed from January 24 to March 18 and only two students check in.

water, wipe the furniture with wet towel s and mop the

As a lesbian, Zhou Qing did not flinch in the face of the epidemic. Zhou Qing actively signed up to take part in the prevention and control of the epidemic. As a member of logistics support, she is careful to provide reasonable food for staff and spectators to meet the needs of various tastes; she is careful in the protection of protective materials, from medical supplies, protective clothing, goggles, masks, alcohol, disinfectant, to daily necessities towels, plastic bags, toothpaste, toothbrushes, as long as it is reasonable, she can try her best to meet the needs of people who keep opinions. She devoted herself to her work with “heart” and moved everyone with “affection” to create the most solid logistical support for retaining opinions.

★ transformed into a fever pillow, dual-use: this method is taught to me by my cousin, a doctor, once our baby vaccinated reaction, high fever 38 degrees, bought antipyretic paste and Bupleurum antipyretic granules (did not buy ibuprofen), not very effective, and then our cousin told us, diapers spread out, some water wet, not too wet, put in the freezer, ice for half an hour or so (not too long, too cold) Take it out and wrap it in a towel to serve as a pillow for the baby.

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