dry your body with a dry towel . 3. Enter the

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Firemen hugged the boy and fastened a safety belt to him, protected his head with a wet towel, and then used tools to break down the security window. Ten minutes later, the boy got out of trouble, and after examination, the boy was all right. It is understood that when the child was unattended at home, he climbed up the anti-theft window to play, accidentally stepped into the air and was stuck in the anti-theft window. Fortunately, the neighbor found it and called the police for help. The fire department warned that parents should not leave their younger children at home when they go out, so as to avoid accidents.

Bumpy, tired and starving, when the Red Army entered the minority ethnic areas of Guizhou, Liao Xiguang gave birth prematurely after only seven months of pregnancy and gave birth to a baby boy, whose cry would reveal the whereabouts of the troops. In order not to drag down the troops, Liao Xiguang turned his heart and wrapped the child in a towel. He also left a note to tell the reason, left the ocean, and gave the child to the local people. Liao Xiguang lost his second child for the revolution.

Other: sheets and bedding are changed and cleaned once every semimonthly, quilts are dried once a week, plastic toys are soaked in disinfectant and insolated once a week, towels, teacups, toys, bedding and books are strictly disinfected and exposed to the sun, so that one person, two towels and one cup is made.

The bag is very small and super cute, especially suitable for carrying easily in summer, such as lipstick, paper towels, keys and so on. It will look good with casual wear and small skirts.

Swimming competitions will not be held during prime time in Japan, but will be held at night in North American time (morning in Japan time) at the request of ABC, the holder of television rights. Table tennis matches will not allow players to touch the table with their hands or towels, and players will not be allowed to play the ball. In the face of changes in competition system and regulations, athletes have to break the biological clock and overcome their subconscious habits, which will be a big challenge for athletes.

dry your body with a dry towel . 3. Enter the

1. Soak in hot water at 42 degrees until your body is sweating. 2. Leave the bathtub and dry your body with a dry towel. 3. Enter the warm water of 35 degrees until the body adapts to the temperature of the water, and then enter the hot water. Soak back and forth 4-5 times. This similar three-warm bath method can increase blood circulation by constantly dilating and contracting blood vessels, not even letting go of blood vessels. The water temperature and the number of soaking baths in this method can be adjusted according to individual physique, but girls with brain and cardiovascular diseases should not use it.

Correct approach: before using conditioner must dry hair, shampoo must prepare a dry towel, wipe probably no dripping and then smear conditioner, this step is very important, the absorption effect of hair care products will be maximized, and there is a simple principle, that is, the more concentrated hair care nutrition, such as essence, hair mask, the higher the requirements for hair dryness.

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