front module, bumper, luggage rack, spare placenta, fender, fan

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In the automotive industry, LFT is mainly used to make structural and semi-structural components, such as front-end modules, bumper girders, dashboard frames, battery brackets, spare tire compartments, seat frames, pedals and integral soles. Long fiber reinforced polypropylene is used in car hood, dashboard frame, battery bracket, seat frame, car front module, bumper, luggage rack, spare placenta, fender, fan blade, engine chassis, roof lining, etc. The long fiber reinforced PA is further extended into the hood because of its high hardness and low weight, and its high glass fiber content makes its thermal expansion coefficient almost the same as that of metal, which can withstand the high temperature caused by the engine.

After picking up the car, the first test drive, found that the car in addition to indoor reading lights can not be lit, location lights, license plate lights, car button background lights can not be lit. Referring to the relevant circuits, we know that the above lights are controlled by the body control module (BCM). According to the fuse layout diagram of the fuse box under the dashboard in the maintenance manual (figure 1), check the power supply fuse F32D (10A, which is responsible for supplying indoor lights, luggage compartment lights, rear fog lights, day lights) and other related power supply fuses of BCM, and no fuse is found. Combined with the fault phenomenon of the car, the maintenance personnel decided to check the indoor reading lights and their circuits.

Takeout bags usually use 840D Oxford cloth waterproof fabric, lined with pearl PE cotton, tough and stylish. As the main structure of takeout package, the food warehouse is usually composed of 3-5 layers of materials. It is used to store food for takeout delivery, inside the heat-resistant aluminum foil, which is insulated by pearl PE cotton and has the function of keeping cold and heat. If the takeout bag does not have this function, it will become a handbag. The receipt pocket is a small bag on the takeout bag, which is specially used to hold the delivery order, etc., in order to facilitate the delivery staff to carry, this small bag is usually located in the back part of the takeout bag. According to the use of takeout bags can be divided into: car takeout, shoulder takeout bag, handheld takeout bag. Heat preservation and cold preservation is the basic function of takeout bags. it is a kind of special luggage with short-term heat preservation effect, which can keep cold / heat preservation. The product insulation layer is pearl cotton + aluminum foil tin foil, which can provide good heat insulation effect.

front module, bumper, luggage rack, spare placenta, fender, fan

The interior of the car is quite beige at home. In addition to the basic equipment such as the steering wheel and dashboard, there are also seats with adjustable angles. But the coolest things should be extras, including a surfboard that can be put on the roof luggage rack and a mini freezer, which is the concept of the whole family going to the beach together.

According to the classification of application service environment, die steel can be divided into three categories: cold work die steel, hot work die steel and plastic die steel. (1) Cold work die steel: refers to the die steel used to deform or form the metal in the cold state; (2) hot work die steel: refers to the die steel used to deform or process the metal in the hot state; (3) plastic die steel: refers to the die steel used for plastic production. Take the automotive industry as an example, hot work die steel is mainly used for automotive parts that need hot forming and hot working, such as engines, shaft parts, exhaust pipes, etc.; cold work die steel is mainly used for structural parts processed at room temperature, such as doors, engine covers, luggage, etc.; plastic die steels are mainly used for automotive structures and decorations, such as rearview mirrors, instrument panels, bumpers, automobile interiors, etc.

It is widely used in high-grade furniture, household appliances, instruments, craft gifts, wood products, glass ceramics, building waterproofing, carpet mezzanine, sound insulation, travel luggage, fine spare parts, all kinds of pipe heat preservation and so on. Then choose the exterior wall rock wool insulation board, you certainly do not have to worry about it in the heavy snow days, let you solid warm winter.

Weisa optimizes details with a variety of noise and JBL advanced surround sound system to create a “mobile concert hall” that is not affected by driving. It is reported that a large number of sound insulation materials are added around the dashboard, fender lining, door interior panel, below the luggage compartment and around the tail door, and the engine cabin is also optimized to arrange sound-absorbing materials to restrain engine noise; the front panel adjusts the thickness of the sound-absorbing material and fills the holes and gaps of the parts as much as possible; increase the coverage area of the floor vibration isolation layer and optimize the local thickness. The coverage of the front floor sound insulation material reaches 92%, in order to reduce the invasion of engine noise and external noise; the window glass of the whole car adopts thickening design, the front side windows of the high-end model adopt double-layer noise reduction glass, and the door frame seal is added to reduce the wind noise. to achieve excellent stillness free from driving.

front module, bumper, luggage rack, spare placenta, fender, fan

Through this technology, the thickness of plastic is reduced from 4mm to 2mm. The wear resistance, noise and vibration resistance of the parts manufactured by this method are also improved. Through technological innovation, this process is applied to the manufacture of engine side panels, valve sleeves, intake pipes, internal parts such as trunk, luggage rack, seats and instrument panels. This process integrates the advantages of hard structure, high load strength, good impact resistance, heat insulation, wear resistance, solvent resistance and grease of polyurethane and the advantages of UV resistance, smooth surface, scratch resistance, easy coloring and chemical resistance of thermoplastic epidermis.

The main driver and passenger car of Red Rabbit are equipped with electric seats and provide heating function in the front row. In addition, there are independent air outlets and temperature zoning control in the back row, which gives the back row more comfortable enjoyment. After the rear seats are lowered proportionally, the trunk capacity can be expanded to 952L at most, making it very convenient to travel during holidays. In addition, the 2023 Harvard Red Rabbit has designed 26 storage spaces in the instrument panel area, door area, luggage area, etc., including mobile phones, wallets, glasses, snacks, cards and other items have a suitable place to fully maximize practicality.

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