mortar mixer, slurry mixer, work lifting frame , flattening device, transmission

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“cage” safety body, high roof frame adopts longitudinal beam plus crossbeam design, roof strength and compression capacity are enhanced; integral CCB (instrument panel crossbeam) improves the torsional stiffness of the whole vehicle and improves the performance of vehicle stability, steering wheel stability and so on.

When you enter the car, you will find that there is no change in the layout of the center console, except that the dashboard, door panel, storage compartment and other positions are wrapped in Alcantara material, and the seats are more encapsulated track seats, and the rest remain unchanged. But when you look back, you will be surprised that the original second row of seats has been cancelled and replaced by an anti-rolling frame, which is used to strengthen the strength and anti-torsion of the car body. when the vehicle tumbles, part of the impact will be dispersed on the anti-rolling frame. can play a certain role in protecting the car body. However, the anti-roll frame is available only in the GTAm model, and users who pursue the ultimate performance can choose this model.

2) compound thermal insulation formwork production equipment compound thermal insulation formwork forming equipment is mainly composed of electronic metering device, dry powder mortar mixer, slurry mixer, work lifting frame, flattening device, transmission equipment and cutting machine, etc. The dry powder mortar mixer and the slurry mixer adopt automatic batching, electronic metering, high automation and accurate metering; the forming equipment has the advantages of reasonable structure design, convenient production operation, short forming cycle and high production efficiency. High efficiency and environmental protection thermal insulation mortar production line, good product quality and so on.

PC board can be used for various signs, such as gasoline pump dashboard, automobile dashboard, warehouse and open-air commercial signage, point sliding indicator, PC resin for automotive lighting system, instrument panel system and interior decoration system, as front lamp shade, automobile front and rear bezel with reinforcement, mirror frame, door frame sleeve, joystick sheath, choke plate, PC is used as junction box, socket, plug and casing, gasket, TV conversion device. Connectors of communication cable under telephone line bracket, switch box, telephone switchboard, relay shell, PC can be used as low-load parts for household appliances motor, vacuum cleaner, shampoo, coffee maker, toaster, power tool handle, all kinds of gear, worm gear, shaft sleeve, guide gauge, refrigerator shelf.

mortar mixer, slurry mixer, work lifting frame , flattening device, transmission

The new generation RAV4 also makes extensive use of soft plastic in the upper layers of the center console and dashboard. The upper edge of the door, the three-spoke steering wheel, the gear rod head, the central handrail and trim panel of the front seat, and other places where the body will actually come into contact with, like Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and other luxury brands, adopt the design of leather-covered seams, and appropriately decorate the polygonal metal frame as the finishing plate, gear head and steering wheel spokes. So that the performance of the quality of the car compartment can be significantly improved compared with the previous generation.

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