to cover it with a hot towel for a while.

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After swimming, I saw three children again in the locker room, all shivering under the towels, and their mother recalled the success they had just achieved in the pool. The cute screaming kid was trying to escape from the towel wrapped tightly around him like Houdini, and his mother smiled incredibly at his continued vitality. The baby in a red ruffled bathing suit is quietly eating fish-shaped cookies and watching with an interesting smile. And the unhappy baby, like his mother, showed a satisfied expression, because his mother anticipated his sensitivity during the transition period and kept him with his favorite toy. This Saturday morning, “nature and nurture” (NatureandNurture) is perfectly displayed in the community pool.

to cover it with a hot towel for a while.

Life, as the name implies, take from life, find toys from life, so as to develop the ability of life! Montessori life teaches toys are good representatives. The work of “picking up beans”, “brushing shoes”, “folding towels”, “pouring water”, “cutting fruit” and so on are all seen by children as playing and toys. The difference is to train children to have direct experience. The “Checkler” fruit toys, fake fruit knives and fruits on the market are not as good as providing real fruit knives and fruits to children directly. Real, let the child have a stronger sense of experience, a greater sense of achievement, of course, we should also pay attention to provide the child with dull knives. So we will see that doing housework is one of the best games.

The first is a slight jam, we can go to the market to buy a leather bag, because the clogged things are usually toilet paper or sanitary napkins, towels and other clogged toilet, we can use the leather to dredge it.

If there is an accident, you should deal with it calmly, especially for exposed human tissues, such as internal organs and broken bones, which cannot be discarded or returned to the injured body at will. They can be covered with clean cloth or towels. Completely severed ones can be packed with clean plastic bags and sent to the hospital with the injured and handed over to the doctor for disposal.

In case of low temperature scald, parents should not apply medicine to their children indiscriminately, they should immediately rinse the wound with cold water or wrap ice with dry towels. The most important thing is to go to the hospital in time.

Do not use hairpins. In order to avoid the strong wind blowing the wig away, some people like to clip the wig with a hairpin. However, the hairpin should not be too hard. Otherwise, it is easy to break the net cover of the wig. Therefore, do not use a hairpin, but use a powdered headband to secure the hair on the wig. Answer: the special nature of imported Carnica is close to that of human hair, and human hair usually encounters the trouble of knotting and static electricity. It is recommended to understand the “wig Collection and maintenance instructions” before wearing it. If the hair is accidentally knotted, you only need to cover it with a hot towel for a while. Then comb it slowly with a special wig comb, comb it on the hairrack when combing, first comb through the knotted position below, then press and hold the hair root, and comb it from top to bottom. Do not pull hard (in combing with non-washing care solution to assist care, play the role of anti-irritability maintenance to prolong life).

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