that portable paper towel s, insect-proof products, thermos cups, baby

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Is the pool water clean after all? Are the towels and bath towels provided in the hotel pool clean after all? In this regard, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission recently sampled and tested the water quality, towels and bath towels of swimming pools in some five-star hotels and brand gyms in the city. According to GB37488-2019 “hygienic indicators and limits of Public places”, Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission tested the water quality of swimming pools in hotels and gyms, as well as towels and bath towels provided by hotels.

that portable paper towel s, insect-proof products, thermos cups, baby

In the older generation, family conditions were not good at that time, and people at that time often chose to wipe their hair with towels, but because the towels could not fully absorb the moisture in their hair, they could only go to bed by the window or wait for their hair to dry naturally, but it was a waste of time. With the progress of the times, more and more families have hair dryers, which can not only dry their hair quickly, but also greatly save the cost of time.

Seeing that her mother refused to give up, my father honestly climbed up the wooden ladder to help her clean it. Because I was young, I was authorized to twist towels, pass towels, and wipe low walls and cabinets.

Camping became very popular in 2022, which led to a surge in online and offline related products. A salesperson at an outdoor sports goods store in Zhongshan City revealed that the overall sales of camping equipment will increase by nearly 60% compared with the same period last year. During May Day, the growth is as high as 80%. In the past, the peak sales season of camping equipment was from April to May and from September to October. This year, with the popularity of half-day camping and park picnics, the golden period of camping has been advanced to February-March. In addition, camping is becoming more and more popular, especially for parent-child families, accounting for about 70%, so products that are easy to install and easy to carry are more popular. Data from the Maternal and Child Research Institute show that portable paper towels, insect-proof products, thermos cups, baby carriages and portable disinfection products are the most common things for mothers and infants to travel outdoors.

Nowadays, many people use disposable cotton towels at home, which is more hygienic than traditional towels. Take a roll or a pack to take up more space when you go out. The less things you have away from home, the better, and the smaller the better. The size of the compressed towel is very small, about the same as a piece of candy, and when you use it with a little water, it becomes the same size as an ordinary facial towel.

The intelligent electric towel rack officially opened the intelligent era of the bathroom. In recent years, the electric towel rack has gradually entered the public view, from the original water injection heating to the carbon fiber dry heating, and then to the intelligent temperature control uniform heating, from the stupid button switch to the intelligent wifi thermostat, the market determines the development speed of this product. [2]

Pay attention to two, dredge pores. For acne patients, the effective suppression method is to dredge pores, use hot towels to apply to the face, so that their facial pores gradually open. Then, a special acne can be used to squeeze out the acne gently.

In fact, people who use towels have deep feelings, and the towels that are often washed in the sun are good, because they are sterilized in the sun. The biggest worry is the plum rain weather, towels do not dry for a long time, it is easy to breed a large number of bacteria, and the towels will emit an unpleasant smell. In addition, if the towel is not changed for a long time, even if it is often washed in the sun, it will inevitably dry and harden and become prickly in the face. Therefore, the towels used for face washing had better be changed once every two or three months.

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