cover their mouths and noses with towel s, lined up in

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The manpower in the isolation ward of the designated hospital is very small. under normal circumstances, there are only two nurses responsible for the medical care, life care and hygiene of the patients upstairs and downstairs, with an astonishing workload. In order to ensure the safety of patients and themselves, Gu Yanmei, who has worked in the intensive care department for eight years and has rich professional knowledge and clinical nursing experience, has to wear five layers of gloves inside and outside every day, and blood gas analysis requires more than a dozen. A ward uses more than 10 towels at a time.

Ichthyosis patients should pay attention to the humidity of the air, because the dry living environment will aggravate the ichthyosis. It is recommended to put more green plants at home, if you can not alleviate the problem of dry living environment, you can put a humidifier at home, put a basin of warm water or a few more wet towels in winter.

1. Absorb the water droplets with a towel to avoid rubbing hard. Wet hair is fragile, rubbing can easily damage hair scales, or even hair loss. two。 Use a high-speed hair dryer to dry your hair and avoid getting too close to the scalp. Use a hair dryer to the left or right of the hair 20cm. 3. Keep moving at high speed when blowing, so as to avoid the heat concentrated in the same area for a long time. At the same time, choose zone blow-drying, blow the root of the hair first and then blow the tip of the hair. In addition, avoid blowing upside down when blowing hair, wet hair scales are open, straight blowing is conducive to the closure of hair scales, inverted blowing is easy to blow more and more irritable. 4. Finally, in a high-speed hair dryer, you only need to blow your hair to 80% dry (feel cold), then change to a weak stall or dry naturally.

After washing with soapy water, you should use a continuous cold compress to reduce swelling and itching. You can put wet towels in the refrigerator and apply them to the bitten area every two or three hours. You can also use calamine lotion for external use to relieve itching and avoid baby scratching as far as possible.

(1) after hearing the fire, the teachers of each class quickly opened the classroom door and directed the children to cover their mouths and noses with towels, lined up in 1-2 rows, lowered themselves, and evacuated orderly along the corner of the wall.

cover their mouths and noses with towel s, lined up in

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