should first use alcohol or hot towel s to clean the

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Recently, the temperature in Ninghai County, Zhejiang Province has dropped sharply, and the drop is expected to reach 12 to 14 degrees Celsius. A town in this county has more than 30,000 mu of seawall, and most of the local villagers rely on seawall farming for a living. It is now the time for oysters and oysters to be listed on the market. Are the materials for prevention of low temperature and cold wave ready?. These days, the town discipline inspection commission organized personnel to go deep into the front line to find out all kinds of cold wave prevention materials, and urged the town emergency management center to do a good job in ensuring quilts, towels, emergency lights, and other relief materials in a timely manner, and at the same time urged the town agricultural office to provide technical guidance on cold prevention and anti-freezing for growers and farmers.

Especially in summer, mosquitoes are more, such as encounter small flying insects into the ear canal, do not use fingers or ear spoon to pull it out, so as not to drill deeper and deeper, so that the periosteum damage, affecting hearing. Suggestion: when you go to a dark place, illuminate the ear canal with electric light and use the phototaxis of insects to attract flying insects. When heatstroke, the patient should be quickly transferred to a cool and ventilated place to lie still and rest, loosen or take off clothes, and cover the head with a cold towel. You can take a full-body bath with alcohol, ice water or cold water, and then use a fan or electric fan to speed up the heat dissipation. If conditions permit, the patient can be moved to a place with air-conditioning equipment. At the same time, people with moderate and mild heat are given a small amount of cold salt water and cool salt drinks. Severe heatstroke when the patient is confused, convulsions, or has lost consciousness (can refer to pinching Renzhong, Hegu and other acupoints, so that their awakening) should be sent to the hospital immediately.

2. Zhufeng Shujin plaster belongs to external medicine, which is used in the treatment of costal Chondritis, lumbar disc herniation, scapulohumeral periarthritis and other diseases to reduce the pain and discomfort of patients. When using this product for treatment, patients should first use alcohol or hot towels to clean the skin of the pain area, and then apply the paste properly, one at a time, each plaster can be applied for three days.

should first use alcohol or hot towel s to clean the

4. Hair fungal infection: because the sebaceous gland development of children is not perfect, at the same time, it is difficult to ensure hygiene in play, so it is a susceptible population of tinea capitis. This disease is caused by fungal infection of hair, which can be characterized by hair loss, round or oval patches with gray-white scales on the scalp, yellow crusts and even pus. For such patients, the hair should be cut off as much as possible, hair should be washed with sulfur soap, towels, hats and combs used by patients should be boiled and sterilized, and antifungal drugs should be taken orally or externally.

When the fire alarm spread all over the park, all the teaching staff immediately stopped their work after hearing the alarm. The teachers of each class led the children to quickly press the evacuation route of the fire plan, pick up wet towels, cover their noses, bend over, walk quickly, and go downstairs in a quick and orderly manner.

Students can do bare-handed exercises at home, or they can do exercises with “gadgets” at home, such as towels (towel exercises), chairs (chair exercises), mineral water bottles (filling mineral water bottles with water for strength exercises) and so on.

should first use alcohol or hot towel s to clean the

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