in the cold storage . in order to ensure the

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Energy regulation of refrigeration compressor: with the decrease of storage temperature, the cooling capacity required by Hunan explosion-proof cold storage installation company will become smaller, and the compressor with energy regulation can adjust the energy output of the compressor according to the change of load. can reduce power consumption. 2. Frequency conversion control of refrigeration compressor motor. 3. consideration of the temperature performance of explosion-proof cold storage: the thermal insulation material of cold storage is the heat transfer speed of blocking temperature, so the density and structure of thermal insulation material is the key of blocking temperature. Slow heat transfer is equal to slow loss of cold capacity. then the working time of the compressor is relatively short and the relative power consumption is less. Therefore, it is recommended to use closed-mouth foamed polyurethane as the insulation board of the cold storage, which can have a better effect of heat preservation.

Ms. Liu provided a complaint mediation statement issued by Hangzhou Xiasha Market Regulatory Office, which showed that the entrusted agent of Hangzhou Dingjin Food Co., Ltd. was Mr. Liao. According to the mediation statement, the respondent confirmed that there were worm eggs in the threaded bottle cap of the product, and analyzed the reason: the factory process was fully closed pipeline transportation, the quality of each batch of products was tested according to the national standard, and the products were sold after leaving the factory through dealers and wholesalers. The time of sale is the end of April, and the abnormal time is early August. At present, the site of the incident has been investigated by the staff of the company, that is, the store opened by Ms. Liu. The store is a storefront at the entrance of the community, the environment in the store is relatively poor, there are more flying insects, it is easy to cause insect pests on the products, and the storage events of the products in the consumer store are also relatively long.

Many female friends like flowers, but do you know how flowers are transported? The purchased flowers must be stored in the cold storage, and the processing and packaging of the flowers must also be completed in the cold storage. in order to ensure the freshness of the flowers, the processing and packaging of the flowers are carried out at night. Flowers need to be transported by cold chain in refrigerated vehicles, sorted in cold storage, and insulated bags need to be used for distribution. At the same time, make sure to handle them gently during operation. Because the fresh flowers are easy to wilt in summer, the time limit of distribution is very high. After the flowers arrive at the distribution station, they must be delivered as soon as possible. So how can we ensure that the flowers are transported at the right temperature? That is to install the temperature and humidity recorder in the cold chain transportation for real-time monitoring, overtemperature alarm, and take corresponding measures in time.

NEWDAILY has improved many design details, including lower seat height, smaller steering wheel size, larger windshield, newly designed dashboard and air conditioning system, etc., sufficient storage space to meet a variety of needs, while the use of air suspension to improve driving comfort.

in the cold storage . in order to ensure the

PLC programmable control has networking functions; touch screen operation panel and reliable protection; automatic control of a wide range of cooling capacity; ice storage or energy-saving recovery of domestic hot water models are optional. The water-cooled screw chiller has 2 compressors, 2 condensers and 1 evaporator. The temperature sensing package can control the opening of the expansion valve through the induction of outlet temperature (outlet temperature difference). The water-cooled screw chiller can be operated by heat pump, which can provide both low-temperature water and high-temperature water at the same time. For the evaporator, due to the low temperature of the evaporator, it is generally necessary to use thermal insulation material to wrap.

There are many unfavorable factors, such as the decrease of temperature in the combined cold storage, the direct increase of the working coefficient of the refrigerator, the operating cost and so on. When designing and selecting the evaporator of the combined cold storage, the area of the evaporator should be selected according to the optimal heat transfer temperature difference. Second, the configuration of the refrigeration units of the movable cold storage equipment is unreasonable, and the refrigeration units on the combined cold storage produced by some manufacturers. There is no reasonable configuration according to the total refrigeration load designed and calculated and the insulation thickness of the enclosure structure of the combined cold storage, but to meet the requirement of rapid cooling in the warehouse by increasing the number of refrigeration units. Take the BZL- 3 × 4 movable cold storage as an example, which is 4 meters long, 3 meters wide and 27 meters high, with a net volume of 28723 cubic meters, equipped with 2 2F63 series refrigeration units and 2 groups of serpentine smooth tube evaporators.

“in the limited area, storage has become the most basic need”, customized porch cabinets, into the door of the open box, you can easily put bags / keys / couriers and other items; porch cabinets raised 5 cm, designed embedded lights, so that shoes at a glance.

The floating double screen is used in the patrol car, the size of the central control screen is 12 inches, and the size of the full LCD dashboard is 10.25 inches. The car is decorated with a lot of horizontal lines, and highlight black panels are used in many places. The position of the sub-dashboard adopts a hollow design, which can increase a lot of storage space for the vehicle.

in the cold storage . in order to ensure the

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