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Second: care agent. Care agent is what we often call a clothing softener, which can be added when cleaning towels to keep the towels soft. It is recommended that you add a little softener every time you wash the towel so that the towel can stay soft for a long time.

Soon after I packed up, I went with them. At that time, I wondered why they packed so slowly and took so many things, while I only brought a towel and clothes, thinking that they were so foreign.

In early February, the Spring Festival was halfway through, and family visits and vacations were about to be built one after another. in accordance with the requirements of their superiors, it was necessary to strictly implement the management measures of isolation for 14 days. The Fogong Border Management Brigade took the initiative and actively contacted the local designated isolation hotels. Be fully prepared for quarantine. The young Zhang Tingting, as a post-90s turned policeman at the Fugong border management brigade, took on the important task of ensuring the daily life of the quarantined personnel of the whole brigade. At most, nearly 50 people were quarantined. In addition to ensuring three meals a day, temperature check and registration, Zhang Tingting also buys daily necessities for the quarantined personnel to meet her daily needs. She has a notepad in her hand, which is always densely recorded, such as: “Zhang, a towel, Zhou, a toothpaste, a bottle of old godmother.”

(1) Ambulance personnel should pay attention to their own protection when removing poisoned personnel from the scene. In places where toxic and harmful gases occur, they should, depending on the situation, strengthen ventilation or use wet towels to meet their mouths and noses. Waist safety ropes should be controlled by off-site personnel, emergency, and use gas masks if possible.

platform, swimming gear, floating body, antibacterial towel s, slippers, bath sets,

You can add some ice cubes to the heat preservation pot, wrap the refrigerated medicine in plastic bags and towels, put it in the heat preservation pot and take it home. The simple incubator can be composed of foam boxes and ice cubes of appropriate size. if you use a medical incubator, it is recommended to put an ice bag on both sides of the inner wall and the upper part of the bag, which can maintain 2-10 ℃ for 13 hours, it is best to avoid putting an ice bag in the lower part, otherwise the lower temperature may be lower than 2 ℃, which may affect the activity of drugs [2].

If the user uses intelligent door lock products, direct spraying with disinfectant may not only cause door lock corrosion, but also cause door lock flooding and circuit board failure. So, how to disinfect the smart door lock? The editor suggests: it is best to spray 75% alcohol on towels or paper towels and then wipe the door lock, which can not only disinfect the door lock, but also reduce the corrosion of the door lock.

For example, diiib white this aluminum alloy towel rack, can achieve a large capacity of these items storage, when not needed, the upper part can be 90 °folding, for the toilet, the seemingly simple rack is very useful.

The girl and the suspect live in an adjacent building, both on the top floor, and the suspect can see the murdered girl through the roof balcony. According to residents living on the same floor with the murdered girl, on the morning of the 11th, she personally saw the suspect rest on the second floor with a suitcase, his face flushed and a towel in his hand. According to the resident of the suspect downstairs, he had seen the suspect sitting in the corridor and sometimes “loitering” in the community late the night before the incident. The building where the woman was killed has a total of six floors, each with 3 households on the left and right sides of the corridor, which is protected by iron doors.

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