installed on the glass, such as towel s, bath towels and

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Custom-made toilet partition manufacturer, several design styles of toilet partition in addition to bathroom decoration, such as ordinary bathtub, partition is also a very important part. Today, Zhuhai Decoration will recommend several beautiful and practical effect pictures of toilet partition and the art model of glass partition of Zhuhai Decoration Company. The main material of the whole is glass-bonded steel frame. The city feels very modern and heavy. However, this design is like turning the toilet into a room, so the overall design is quite unique. White decorative style, but the glass partition is made of ceramic tiles, there is a small space in the middle, so you can place some bath gel, transparent glass partition so as not to interfere with the outside line of sight. The whole is mainly white, there is still a space on the partition, so some small things can be put in, and the space can be fully utilized. Hooks are installed on the glass, such as towels, bath towels and so on. It can be placed.

two。 Towel hot compress soak the towel with hot water and apply it to the neck for two minutes. You can also open the pores after a hot bath and open the pores. This is very important. Oh,

Pinkeye disease is mainly transmitted through contact, such as contact with patients used towels, faucets, doorknobs, swimming pool water, public toys and so on may be infected. Patients with pinkeye should be treated in time so as not to become a source of infection. To prevent pinkeye, you should pay attention to personal hygiene, keep your hands clean and avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands.

Answer: first of all, we recommend that the use time should be more than 8 hours (recommended for evening use). Secondly, our products are aimed at dissolving organic matter (such as kitchen leftovers, hair, etc.), so as to achieve the purpose of dredging the pipeline. if the blockage is not the above substances (such as plastic bags, towels, etc.) can not be dredged.

4. It is safe to use electricity for heating. If you use a coal stove for heating at home, you should keep your child away from the fire prevention of the stove. Once gas poisoning occurs, you should open the doors and windows for ventilation, breathe fresh air, and go to the hospital for treatment in time. In the room where electricity is used for heating, do not let the child touch or wipe the electric heating equipment with wet hands, cloth, plug or unplug, nor disassemble it casually. The hidden danger of fire should be eliminated at home, the power cord of home appliances should not be randomly connected and pulled, the power cord should be sorted out after use, sundries that are easy to catch fire should not be placed densely, kettle, lighter and matches should be put out of reach of children. Tell children to keep a distance from combustibles, do not use light bulbs, electric heaters to bake clothes, towels and other things, do not use metal products to come into direct contact with the power supply. Select qualified anti-shock sockets and install protective covers for power sockets.

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