display has a 1.5mm extremely narrow frame , which can show

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Equipped with design air for interior decoration, the new Jetta VS7 is equipped with 8-foot center console big screen, the center console large screen UI page is updated, the car window glass adjustment buttons plus stainless steel decorative strips and backlights, the car dashboard and door frame are covered with flexible material, which is luxurious. The interior is newly upgraded with a hard bag seat with exquisite suture design, elegant and elegant, fresh and elegant, showing a comfortable ride experience.

Self-travel home NV interior decoration uses DigiLux “digital luxury” style, the overall cockpit is simplified, minimizing the splicing technology and stitching, such as the car dashboard frame using rounded rectangular design theme, the upper dashboard using the whole IMG mother leather cover, without any stitching, bringing a continuous, tension visual effect.

In response to the trend of car networking and self-driving, the demand for large-size vehicle display and modeling display screen combined with cabin design is increasing day by day. Youda launched a series of automotive displays with special-shaped cutting and curved surface design, among which the 12.3inch FullHD dashboard application LTPS display has a 1.5mm extremely narrow frame, which can show a fine streamlined appearance; at the same time, it integrates high resolution, high color fullness, high contrast, wide viewing angle and other technologies, leading the trend of high-end automotive display technology.

Green Forest is the brand of Yingke Regeneration, which takes meaning from the green forest. in the field of green utilization, every year according to the global popular trend, we continue to provide customers with high-quality, environmentally friendly and fashionable “frame lines” and “decorative lines”. Frame lines are used to produce picture frames, photo frames, wedding frames, mirror frames, etc., decorative lines can be used as wall panels, kick lines, top corner lines, waistlines, a large number of indoor and outdoor decoration fields. Greenwood brand products have the characteristics of green environmental protection, waterproof and moisture-proof, lifelike surface treatment, easy embossing shape, rich style and so on.

In conclusion, the foldable shopping cart with wheels and oxford trolley bag is a must-have for anyone looking to simplify their grocery shopping experience. With its sturdy frame, reinforced wheels, and spacious oxford trolley bag, it offers convenience and reliability that surpasses traditional methods of carrying groceries. Say goodbye to the stress of juggling bags and hello to effortless shopping. Invest in this innovative product and make your trips to the store more enjoyable than ever before.

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