that it can instantly change all cloth es into outdoor style.

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Spread the special picnic mat below first, waterproof and moistureproof, while preventing weeds and dirt from soiling your clothes! And the beautiful tablecloth is responsible for the “facade”? Picnic pads recommend solid color or plaid cloth, try to choose simple colors, so as to highlight the theme of picnic food and wine!

Before starting to pack, gather all the items you intend to bring on your trip and categorize them. For example, separate your clothing items from your toiletries, gadgets, and accessories. This categorization will help you determine the number and size of packing cubes needed for each category.

[lambskin maintenance advice] do not come into contact with water or oil, water will harden the cortex, oil will volatilize the oil in the cortex, causing the bag to crack. Regularly use a soft white cotton cloth to wipe off dust and keep the bag clean. Accidentally come into contact with grease and sewage, immediately use a clean cotton cloth with strong water absorption to absorb the stain dry, to use the method of pressing to dry, do not wipe back and forth, the process must be gentle, and finally dry in a dry environment. Lambskin is sensitive to dampness and repeated friction, so try to avoid being in a humid environment when storing it. Also can use sharp object friction, must be placed carefully! Scratches are always abhorrent, but they are unavoidable. When slight scratches are found on the surface of the bag, clean fingers can be used to touch a small amount of leather maintenance grease, and gentle circle massage with finger belly can relieve it.

With a capacity of 15 liters, this bag is not big in household outsourcing, and it is long, so the daily back is not exaggerated. If it has any drawbacks, it is that the style is so strong that it can instantly change all clothes into outdoor style. ▼

One of the standout features of this weekender bag is the shoe compartment. We all know the struggle of packing shoes, especially when they come in contact with our clean clothes. The separate shoe compartment in this bag eliminates that worry. You no longer need to put your shoes in plastic bags or wrap them in dirty clothes. The dedicated compartment keeps your shoes separate from the main compartment, ensuring your clothes stay clean and fresh throughout your journey.

Another key feature of this garment bag is its durability. Crafted from high-quality materials, it ensures that your clothes remain protected throughout your journey. The sturdy construction and reinforced zippers offer added security and longevity, making it a long-lasting investment. Additionally, most models are designed to be water-resistant, protecting your precious garments from unexpected spills or rain showers.

As the video progresses, it demonstrates how to properly fold your clothes before placing them in the cubes. Folding techniques, such as the roll or bundle method, are briefly touched upon, giving you a variety of options to choose from depending on your preference. By adequately folding your clothes, you not only save space but also ensure that they stay neat and wrinkle-free during your travels.

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