case of limited storage space in the trunk, Baojun

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The principle of cold storage construction and installation of aquatic cold storage the partition board of combined cold storage shall be fixed with partition angle steel. After the combined cold storage body is installed, check the seam fit of each plate if necessary, the inside and outside should be filled with silicone seal. The combined cold storage is used in the house, and a roof should be installed to protect it from the sun and rain when installed outside the house. U-shaped pipes are not installed on the drainage pipes, which sometimes lead to corrosion of the unit. Cold storage in hotter places, not only cooling efficiency will decline, and sometimes damage the storage plate, in addition, the normal operation of the unit around the temperature range is less than 35 degrees. There is also room for overhaul of the unit.

case of limited storage space in the trunk, Baojun

It is worth mentioning that in the case of limited storage space in the trunk, Baojun E200 has strengthened its practical function. Because of the way of opening the door under the lower position, the trunk door acts as a storage desk when the door is at rest. When there is not enough space for a picnic, food and small items can be put on the box door for convenient access. In addition, the Baojun E200 provides a small surprise on other storage space on the car body, and the storage treatment of these details such as door handrails, special hooks and card slots, and the passenger seat gives the car body more space. In these respects, the E200 is not like a traditional automotive product, but more like an industrial product with a high degree of relevance between styling and function.

No matter how small the porch is, you can make full use of the vertical space of the wall to complete the storage. For example, full-body mirrors and storage boxes are hung behind the door, movable plates and hooks are customized above the wall, and bags, keys and other items are placed.

The bedroom wardrobe not only meets the daily storage needs, but also plays an irreplaceable role in saving space and improving the appearance of the bedroom. A beautiful and practical wardrobe, usually on the basis of storage function, but also has a design sense of blessing, giving a higher style of space. Today, the editor of Canoya will share with you the future trend of custom wardrobe design and see if you can get some inspiration from it. It is more practical for the bedroom to be good-looking like this.

case of limited storage space in the trunk, Baojun

Ready-to-eat food can be eaten directly in Kaifeng; that is, hot food is a dish that has been prepared by merchants, which can be eaten after heating with microwave ovens and cooking pans, such as fast food packages and self-cooking pans that are more active in the market in recent years; that is, cooked food is mainly fried food, such as crispy meat, French fries, etc.; instant food requires self-prepared dishes, seasoning and cooking, which are the prefabricated dishes with the most operation links in the four categories. According to the form of packaging, it can be divided into three categories: bulk sales, small packaging and large packaging. According to the mode of storage and transportation, it can be divided into four categories: cold storage, quick freezing, hot chain and room temperature.

It has the characteristics of light apparent density, low thermal conductivity, good chemical stability, wide temperature range, low moisture absorption capacity, non-toxic, tasteless, fire prevention, sound absorption and so on. Tengda perlite insulation board equipment adopts PLC programmable automatic control system, all programs operate with one button, which greatly improves the work efficiency. Strong sealing, the equipment in the automatic feeding, the material will not leak out, so as to ensure that the equipment around the clean and raw materials will not be wasted. Tengda perlite insulation board equipment automatic feeding, automatic pressing. Construction industry: lightweight, thermal insulation, sound insulation board; fireproof roofing and light anti-freezing, shockproof, fire prevention, radiation and other high-rise building wall fillers, mortar and other building materials; all kinds of industrial equipment, pipe insulation; the inner wall of all kinds of cryogenic and cold storage projects; the storage inner wall of low boiling point liquid and gas and the inner wall of transportation.

The interior part is also very bold, without the common large screen and multi-screen of electric cars, everything is practical and environmentally friendly, the penetrating dashboard is under the windshield, and the center console is run through the whole width by a symmetrical beam. The overall design is extremely simple, with a total of only 34 parts, while the central console of a normal car has about 75 parts, with cylindrical sound at both ends. There is an air outlet and a sliding USB socket in the middle, and the console in front of the copilot has an area full of “small mushrooms”, a “storage rack” made of recycled 3D printed thermoplastic polyurethane, which can hold items such as coffee cups or soda cans.

case of limited storage space in the trunk, Baojun

The floating double screen is used in the patrol car, the size of the central control screen is 12 inches, and the size of the full LCD dashboard is 10.25 inches. The car is decorated with a lot of horizontal lines, and highlight black panels are used in many places. The position of the sub-dashboard adopts a hollow design, which can increase a lot of storage space for the vehicle.

In terms of thermal insulation, aerogel is the best material for thermal insulation of power batteries at present. under the excellent performance of high-efficiency and energy-saving products, the market share of thermal insulation is increasing year by year; in terms of pressure relief, the pressure relief valve can continuously balance the pressure difference between the internal and external pressure of the battery package. prevent cavity blasting, the development trend is to increase anti-condensation, explosion-proof valve and other functional design. In terms of heat dissipation, the cooling devices of power batteries include air conditioning cycle cooling, liquid cooling and air cooling, among which liquid cooling is the mainstream because of its excellent heat dissipation effect. The safety requirements in the field of energy storage heat management are higher, and the proportion of liquid cooling is expected to increase with the landing of more high-power energy storage projects in the future.

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