regard this “free lunch ” as a “natural” thing, but

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At noon, I saw a young and handsome guy in the building, carrying a certain brand lunch bag, walked into the elevator, then took off his black jacket and wore a Meituan takeout inside. Next, call the user immediately and say, “your meal is here!”

6 dinners (three Tibetan gourmet dinners: stewed Tibetan chicken with matsutake / yak meat soup pot / wild mushroom ribs soup pot + 2 light meals lunch + 1 plateau outdoor tent light picnic)

regard this

In addition to work dinners and AA classmate gatherings, male and female colleagues or friends ask for meals and drinks, men pay the bill has basically become a conventional social pattern, and some women also regard this “free lunch” as a “natural” thing, but do not realize that this is also a “warm water boiled frog” mode.

Pour ice sugar water and milk into red dates and papaya. Garlic can reduce the production of cholesterol in the blood, help increase high-density lipoprotein, and replenish enough energy for menstrual women. Three beans oatmeal rice ingredients: oatmeal rice, mung beans, lentils, red beans 30 grams each. Day 5 and 6: eat normally. How to reduce the symptoms of menstrual discomfort, warm the uterus to accelerate the excretion of toxins, and promote fat metabolism to lose weight successfully. Pumpkin Millet Congee material: 500g pumpkin, 100g millet. Menstrual diet fig black corn soup ingredients: dried figs 200 grams, adzuki beans 100 grams, black corn 2, peanut kernels 150 grams, water 6 bowls. Lunch: spinach beef, mushroom tofu, radish and parsley soup, germ rice. Dinner: vegetable pizza, tomato and mushroom soup. Chinese yam contains a lot of mucus protein, which can prevent fat from depositing on blood vessels and retain enough blood protein for women, which will not lead to undernutrition due to excessive blood loss.

Many of the men and women who come to me for advice have the wrong idea that if I love him as much as I love him, he has to love me as much as possible, which is a very misconception. You must know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. You love him purely because of your personal mental activity. You must turn this love into action. If you love him, what can you do for him? Support him silently behind him? Sacrifice himself to fulfill his career? You did everything you could to help him make a comeback when he had nothing? You do it, you are 100 points, then the other party will repay you with the same score, the same love.

Technology companies in Silicon Valley are known for their generous employee benefits. For example, it has become a standard free lunch. Google and other companies have a policy that employees retain their jobs when they start a business. Facebook gives four months of maternity leave / paternity leave regardless of gender, and now frozen eggs have become a bargaining chip for the human resources department of Silicon Valley companies to attract female talent.

regard this

Xiao Liu, a white-collar worker who works in Chaoyangmen, basically relies on takeout for lunch. Recently, she helplessly found that takeout has become more and more “ceremonial.” At noon yesterday, Xiao Liu ordered 40 yuan worth of ramen noodles, but the takeout boy sent a big aluminum foil thermal insulation cotton square bag. When you open the zipper, the first thing you can see is exquisite cutlery and napkin. Take away these. Inside is the lunch box containing cooked noodles and side dishes, and the small bag is the bottom of hot soup.

After lunch, fruit, let the children collectively cover the lunch box, take out the lunch box, neatly put in the outdoor incubator, there are 3 children did not cover the lid, there is a soup phenomenon timely reminder.

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