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People dodged around, and according to eyewitnesses, the terrible clouds looked as if the sky had been covered with a towel, and local residents said they had never seen such a terrible scene in many years. Fortunately, however, five minutes later, the terrible scene disappeared and the beach was clear again.

There are also sunshine, beaches and trails, as well as swimming, picnics, fishing, snorkeling and boating (some picnics offer electric barbecue ovens and picnic tables). You can even take the children to make friends with the animals and plants in nature.

On the other hand, workaholics pick up their work plastic bags and work bags in the evening, and when they put on their beach shoes and get ready to go to the beach to work, they lock the door of their house before they go out and go to the subway station when they get out of the house in the evening.

Drive along the straight road to the end is the black beach, entry does not need tickets, let alone parking fees, the car can be parked directly on the beach. It was almost evening when I got here, the black sand, the black sea, the strong wind swept the black waves against the black rocks on the shore, majestic; coupled with the low clouds, it seemed to the world of Satan. Only coconut shadows are whirling along the beach, reminding visitors that this is still a place for vacation and leisure. Although there are a lot of reefs on the shore, which is not suitable for swimming, there are still many tourists who put on bikinis and jump into the sea. There are snack bars, picnic areas and holiday facilities on the beach.

There are mountains, water and lawns, and the sense of atmosphere in spring has been contracted by the beach forest of Henglu Village on the banks of the river. With the nature around you, bring the equipment for camping and picnics, make tea around the stove, and set up a happy time with tents and canopy ~

contracted by the beach forest of Henglu Village on

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, there is also a beach on the island, we can go to the south beach to enjoy some quiet, you can take a free shuttle to this ultra-private beach. Here, you can rent a beach bungalow for about $200, each of which can accommodate six guests, including two floating mats, a cold bottled water and beach towels, and a five-minute walk to the floating bar outside the beach. If you want to be alone and feel like you are really on a private island, then South Beach may be your favorite perfect!

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