bad smell paint and water transfer process; luggage carpet using PP cavity

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For example, LV. When it comes to LV, people will think of bags and luxury goods. But LV Group does not recognize this, it says that we are not a manufacturer of bags, but a brand integrator, specializing in buying brands. After the acquisition of the brand, excavate the story of the brand, redesign around the story, and export management, quickly build the brand into a well-known luxury brand. LV has a long history of luggage, but LV Group only has a history of more than 20 years, but it is already the largest manufacturer and seller of luxury goods in the world, relying on the integration ability of its brand.

However, it is not about building an all-carbon fiber shell, because even cars that will go on sale this fall for more than $80,000 are still very expensive. BMW uses CFRP to strengthen some of the already strong metal / aluminum passenger transport units in key areas. The 15 CFRP reinforcements include the top of the windshield, the threshold, the transmission tunnel, the roof reinforcement tube from front to back and from left to right, the B-post between the front and rear doors, and the rear luggage rack. BMW believes that carbon fiber is one of the many technological advantages of its 7-series flagship sedan.

bad smell paint and water transfer process; luggage carpet using PP cavity

Inside, the Air has an ultra-thin dashboard with no buttons and knobs; the center console seems to hang in a fixed position between its front seats; and the glass panoramic roof bends back from the top of the hood. Jenkins pointed out to me that the 280-liter space in the front, where the engine is usually placed (what they call a “frunk”), is the largest space an electric car has ever provided. The car has a total of 739 liters of luggage space, which also surpasses most traditional cars.

When I first came to Shanghai, I talked about buying a jellycat Barcelona bear. This little bear is a popular style in Little Red Books. The original price is nearly 400 yuan. I have never been willing to buy it, and it is always out of stock. From mid-March to mid-June, my neighborhood was in a state of closure-I came to Shanghai with only two suitcases. I wanted to ask my friends to send plush and other luggage after settling down, but the day after I came to Shanghai, I began a long life at home.

Rate store mall is a big brand clearance processing platform, stationed in more than 10000 well-known brands, covering beauty and skin care, clothing, household furniture, specialty food, luggage, leather goods, luxury bags and other industries. It also has the following advantages:

There are three kinds of services provided by service personnel for guests. The first is the very clear service needs of guests. As long as they have skilled service skills, it is generally easy to do this well. The second is routine service, that is, those that should be provided to guests without reminders. Service. For example, when a guest sits down to eat in a restaurant, the waiter should quickly pour tea and put away paper towels or towels for the guest; in the vestibule, the waiter will come forward to help as soon as the guest with a lot of luggage enters the door. The third is the potential service demand that guests have not thought of, cannot think of, or are studying.

bad smell paint and water transfer process; luggage carpet using PP cavity

SAIC insists on using the safest and most environmentally friendly materials and processes at the beginning of every new car design, including the Roewe i6. Take chestnut for example, such as Roewe i6 dashboard PVC coating, central control armrest cover using water-based glue instead of solvent-based glue; instrument panel panel using plastic highlight injection molding instead of bad smell paint and water transfer process; luggage carpet using PP cavity board instead of bad smell, high VOC wood fibreboard; abandoning the harmful waste textile felt material, using suitable skin contact PET sound absorption material, and so on. Due to the application of healthy materials, the organic volatiles of Roewe i6 new cars are far lower than the “National Standard for Evaluation of Air quality in passenger cars”, the content of major hazards ethylbenzene and xylene is less than 4% of the national standard, and the content of formaldehyde is less than the national standard 1can5, and far lower than the competitive products, it is the “cure system” in the sedan chair.

We can look at it more microscopically. The Audi Q5L dashboard uses a modular fork bar and mixed aluminum design, which is higher in production cost, more complex in process and more sophisticated in structure, but ensures lightweight. The luggage compartment floor mat adopts lightweight honeycomb structure, which is also a typical example, which not only ensures structural toughness, but also reduces weight.

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