including wharf leisure village, coastal leisure square, beach style area, wetland experience

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In summer, many people choose to go camping in Black Dragon Beach. Before setting out, we need to know the list of camping equipment and what is the camping equipment? What does camping equipment need to prepare? Take the whole family on a picnic to give the children a breath of fresh air, but we should also know clearly during camping, take a look at the camping equipment list and see what regular camping equipment has, so that you can quickly know what camping equipment needs to be prepared.

Do you want to spend your holiday at the seaside? Want to go scuba diving? You can achieve all this in the seaside picnic game of Toka Castle, and you can enjoy beautiful sunbathing and salty sea breezes blowing from the sea. The rich seaside supermarket, you can buy whatever you want, have a fierce beach ball game with your friends, and if you are hungry, go to the picnic area and enjoy delicious food.

Located in Huangdao District of Qingdao City, Tangdao Bay Scenic area is divided into north and south sides, including wharf leisure village, coastal leisure square, beach style area, wetland experience area, Tangdao Bay seaside park, Tangdao Bay Yacht Club, Tangdao Bay Marine Carnival, Rainbow Bridge and Silver Beach Botanical Garden. It is a resort for leisure, vacation and sightseeing. Here, there are many suitable places for picnics. Just choose the right one according to the actual situation. The editor would like to recommend several places: the romantic cherry blossom garden in the Bank of China Beach Botanical Garden and the wide lawn in the Mulan Begonia Garden, and the sunny lawn performance square in the beach style area.

Whether it is daily commuting or holiday travel, it is necessary to have the company of bags. If there are a lot of things to go out with, then a large-capacity tot bag is absolutely essential. LV Tott bags have both trendy style and practical functions, strong fashion sense, beautiful atmosphere, can accompany you from the city to the beach, the workplace to the weekend, easy to match a variety of styles, is definitely a handy practical bag.

The magnificent scenery, beaches and vast meadows of the Golden Gate Bridge filled with picnic tables and barbecue grills make this San Francisco landmark one of the most suitable places for picnics in history. You can bring a kite and remember to make a sunscreen belt and a hat.

including wharf leisure village, coastal leisure square, beach style area, wetland experience

Sun Jinjun, head of Yunzhou District Culture and Tourism Bureau, told reporters that camping, which focuses on local and outdoor leisure, meets the needs of people to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and return to nature, and its flexible and free travel mode is also sought after by many citizens. The reporter noticed that with the villages around the Cetian Reservoir as the central point, tents were lined up on the grasslands and beaches on the riverbank every weekend. Outside the tent, food and drinks are placed on a portable table, while players listen to music, picnics, chat and enjoy a cozy holiday by the tent.

The wide lawn can set up a tent or spread a picnic cloth to start the picnic mode directly. the gurgling stream winds along the stone beach, the tall poplar trees pour light and shadow, the camera clicks, and the forest girl is you.

Ganjiang Citizen Park is a good place for Nanchang citizens for holiday leisure, recreation, camping and picnics, and a good place for picnic camping in Nanchang. The park has charming Ganjiang Golden Beach, seasonal Rover City Camp and so on. Among them, the monsoon RV city campsite is close to Nanchang Star Ferris wheel, which integrates eco-tourism, RV (self-driving) camping, group camping, outdoor sports, enterprise development, bonfire barbecue, entertainment and leisure, etc. to provide a well-equipped leisure platform for the majority of RV campers. Buy Xiaobian reminded that in addition to RV camping, here also provides rental tents, but need to charge a certain fee, tourists can bring their own tents, but also need to charge a certain site fee.

In addition to the park, you can also have a picnic by the sea. Houtian Beach is very suitable for picnics, flying kites and jogging. Every urbanite who wants to relax can come here to relax.

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